• When can I sign up to be a LimeLight Beauty Guide in Canada?
    You can sign up NOW! LimeLight has launched in Canada with the exception of Quebec, which is slated to launch on May 1st. Click here to connect with us!
  • Will the entire product line be available in Canada?
    YES! The entire product line will be available to purchase and ship to Canada beginning March 5, 2018.
  • Will future product launches launch in Canada at the same time as the US?
    YES! Future product launches, including our collaboration with pro celebrity makeup artist Danessa Myricks, will launch in all countries where Limelight is sold simultaneously.
  • Will the first Canadian Beauty Guides be given a special designation?
    YES! If you sign up as a Beauty Guide in Canada before the end of 2018, you will have the title of Canadian Founding Beauty Guide.
  • What are the shipping costs in Canada? Will customers be charged customs taxes?
    Products will be shipped to Canada from our New York warehouse and will cost $9.50 flat rate and $16.50 expedited. There is a small chance a shipment could be pulled for customs taxes, but if this occurs LimeLight corporate will be notified and will pay for the customs tax. This should only cause a small shipping delay.
  • How much higher are the products priced in CAD vs USD?
    Products are priced approximately 25% higher than US Products based on factors that include but are not limited to Import and Custom Taxes, Import Costs, Operational Costs, Shipping and Taxes.  Additionally, currency exchange rates change from day to day. All of these factors contribute to the 25% increased cost of our products in Canada.
  • What commission will I make off my personal sales?
    Starting commission off your personal sales is 20%, and can increase as high as 35%. View the complete Canadian Career and Compensation Plan for details.
  • Do I make money off my downline (beauty guides that sign up underneath me) sales too?
    Yes! You will earn between 3 and 14% on your team's personal sales as long as you are active that month (achieving $375 personal sales volume). View the complete Canadian Career and Compensation Plan for details.
  • Can you earn a free car?
    Rather than have a "car" bonus, LimeLight offers a mid-level executive rank "lifestyle" bonus of $600, $900 and $1200/mo that can be spent however a Beauty Guide chooses (and many do indeed purchase cars with their lifestyle bonuses!) View the complete Canadian Career and Compensation Plan for details.
  • Can a Canadian Beauty Guide sell to the US? Can a Canadian Beauty Guide enroll US Beauty Guides?
    Yes! Beauty Guides are eligible to sell and sponsor internationally once certain milestones are met, international training is completed and an international subscription is purchased. Every beauty guide who is eligible to sponsor internationally and elects to do so before the end of 2018 will be given the designation of Global Founding Beauty Guide. Please contact us if you'd like more details on how you can sell or sponsor internationally as a Canadian LimeLight beauty guide.